Worship Services

Our worship services are every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. We gather together to worship God in music and prayer and to learn through the preaching of His Word. Services are engaging but informal, and we would love to have you join us!


What are the services like?

When you come on a Sunday morning, arrive early to grab some coffee and snacks before getting ready to worship. Our Worship Arts team leads us in songs new and old that engage our hearts and minds in surrender to and praise of the Almighty God. When we gather, you’ll also hear stories from people about how they see God at work in the workplace, in the community or around the world. In the weekly sermon, the pastor works through books of the Bible and occasionally topical series, always with the goal of bringing the reality of the Bible’s message into the reality of our everyday lives.


How do people usually dress?

At Trinity, we want you to dress how you're comfortable. Whether that means a suit and tie, trademark Vermont flannel, or even a snappy combination of the two. The focus is not at all on how you're dressed. Most of our congregation dresses casually.
When you come, you’ll receive a warm welcome because we’re sincerely glad to have new people in our midst. One of the main things that set Jesus apart from the religious leaders of his day was that all sorts of people felt comfortable hanging out with him (Luke 15:1-2). We want the same to be true of us.

Children's Church.jpg

What about my kids?

Kids are awesome, and we want to ignite in them a desire for a genuine relationship with Jesus! All the kids join the adults for part of the worship time so they can learn to sing and praise God with everyone else. Before the sermon, the kids up to age 7 go off for their own Children’s Church with lessons just right for them. Older kids stay with the adults and follow along with an activity sheet created with them in mind: full of questions, crosswords, and word searches to help them engage with the sermon.

Have a question that isn't answered here? We'd love to talk with you!