Staff & Volunteers

Some of the individuals that hang out around here...


Paul Voltmer - Senior Pastor

Paul is thrilled that he has escaped New Jersey and now gets to serve God in the beautiful town of Windsor (talk about culture shock!). He and his wife, Julianne, served as missionaries in Austria for 14 years. They have two college-age children: their son Mattias and their daughter Helena. They also have an awesome golden retriever, Mirli.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, running, and German phrases.


Jacob Vincent - Elder

Jacob and his wife, Leigh, have attended Trinity for 12 years. Jacob's two passions are music and the outdoors. He graduated with a BA in music studio recording, and is an outstanding pianist. In addition to serving as an elder, he often leads the congregation in worship. Jacob and Leigh have two sons and a daughter. Jacob loves hiking; he and Leigh have through-hiked the Long Trail (300 miles in 28 days!).

Jacob's favorite dessert is an ice cream sundae, and his favorite desert is the Desert of Maine (it's a real place - look it up!).


Jim Esden - Elder

Jim knows a lot about trees. He also knows a lot about the Bible. Jim knows a lot about many things - he's a fun guy to talk to! Jim and his wife, Mary, have four children: Zachariah, Grace and her husband Chris Chun, and Jonathan. Jim enjoys board games, watching football, and eating ice cream. He loves having his family all together.

Jim has done some crazy stuff, like jumping through a hole in the ice when it was 40 degrees below zero. (Don't try this at home. Or anywhere. Definitely ask Jim about it though!)


David Cannistraci - ELDER

David is an Italian barber, who used to be a glassblower. He is also a percussionist in the worship band. The guy has artistic talent coming out his ears (you can see it, there's no hair to obstruct your view). He and his wife, Heather, have 4 great kids: Sophia, Samuel, Rosa, and Ava. David also has a sawmill. I know, right? Cooking, time with family, and music are some of the things that make David happiest.

In his spare time - right, I know - he has a sawmill.


John Haynes - Elder

John and his wife, Beth, live with their dog, Lily and 103 "girls" that John cares for and tries to keep happy on their dairy farm. John and Beth used to take their vacations via motorcycle, complete with camping and cooking gear and (matching?) rain suits. John enjoys ice cream, hosting family events on the farm, and being able to bring in a field of hay before it rains. He also enjoys a number of games, particularly when Beth lets him win!


Todd Geil - Elder

Todd and his wife, Debra, have been attending Trinity since 1985. They live with their kids, Alex and Hannah, their dog Enzo, and their cat Pixel, in the house Todd grew up in. While hard-pressed to pick a favorite dessert, Todd really enjoys cheesecake. He loves playing basketball and soccer, and spending time with his family.


Henri Koldyk - Elder

When Henri was 8, his family (he is one of six children) came to the U.S. by boat from the Netherlands ("are we there yet?"). Henri and his wife, Janet, have attended Trinity since 1973. They both love spending time with their family, including their 5-year-old twin granddaughters. Henri's favorite dessert is the cream puffs that Janet makes for Valentine's Day each year. Henri and Janet lead a weekly Bible study at Evarts House in Windsor.



Justin is a guy with a guitar, in front of whom we've for some reason allowed a microphone to be put. He and his wife, Colette, share a love of music and are privileged to use that gift to lead the church in worship. Their three children, Kyrie, Caedmon, and Caspian, will be taking piano lessons whether they like it or not (but Justin hopes they do).

In his spare time, Justin enjoys video games, science fiction, and making mock websites that sometimes wind up getting launched.


Becky Balch - Children's Ministry Coordinator

Becky has a great heart for the children of our community, and a passion for leading them to Christ. One of Becky's claims to fame is that she was the runner-up to Miss Windsor (year not specified). She has also been (briefly) locked up in the VT State Prison - she worked there for a summer and accidentally got locked in a tunnel (it totally wasn't a prank... probably). Becky lives with her cat, Bubbles, and enjoys watching high school sports.

Her favorite dessert is lemon bars (and if they happen to have prison tunnel keys baked into them, well, so much the better...).


Carolyn PAyton - Communications Coordinator

Carolyn keeps everything running smoothly around here. Without her organization and attention to detail - well, things would be a lot less organized, and I'd wager more than a few details would be overlooked. She and her husband, Mark, spent 3 years in Jordan working at a boarding school. One of the cool memories Carolyn has from that time is taking a moonlight camel ride in the Wadi Rum Desert. Carolyn has 5 amazing kids, and 6 equally amazing grandkids.

In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys crossword puzzles, spending time with her kids and grandkids, and making delicious pizza (a skill she honed while serving as a dorm mom to 75 kids over the course of 9 years).