Know Jesus Personally

The whole story of the Bible has Jesus as the center. We want that to be true for the story of our lives, as well. We want to know Him so that all that we are about centers on Him. We don’t just want to know stuff about Him, we want to really know Him - personally. Life as individuals and life as a church are rooted in this relationship.

Follow Jesus Completely

In the relationship God wants to have with us, He wants to lead us in doing things that bring healing and flourishing. When He leads, He expects us to follow. We follow Jesus completely, wherever he leads us. Because wherever He goes, amazing things happen. We want to be part of that.

Proclaim Jesus Broadly

The Bible calls Jesus “the Word,” meaning that His coming was the proclamation of God’s rescue plan for us all. The really great thing, though, is that “the Word” didn’t just speak about God’s rescue plan, He showed it by bringing healing and flourishing to broken people’s lives. That’s the kind of proclamation we want: speaking and showing the reality of God’s rescue plan so broken lives can be made whole.