Baptism Service: Crossing the Starting Line

John 1:35-42; 15:4-5; 20:17

Baptism is often described as a 'public declaration of a personal decision.' But in baptism, we're not declaring that we’ve crossed the finish line. Baptism is actually declaring that we’ve just started out. When Jesus's disciples start out with him, he says, "Come and you will see." And the decision declared in the waters of baptism never anticipates all that will be seen.

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* This sermon was presented at our annual park service. As such, the recording quality is not on the same level as some of our other sermon recordings. Also, the first couple minutes were not recorded.

Living. Faith.: Words Matter

James 3:1-12

As we seek to live out what we believe, James calls our attention to a key area where we get tripped up: words matter. Our tongues get us into trouble. But more than just looking at the damage our tongues can do, James directs our attention to the source of the problem. Will we resolve to live what we believe?

Sermon Outline Document

* We experienced some technical difficulties with this recording. There is a section partway through where a few minutes of the recording are missing.

Living. Faith.: Like a Screen Door on a Submarine

James 2:14-26

Today's sermon title is from a song written by Rich Mullins, where he writes, "Faith without works is like a song you can't sing / It's about as useless as a screen door on a submarine." Do you find yourself wondering why your experience of faith falls flat? Maybe you need to change some doors on your submarine. Listen to the message to find out how.